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Our Season
Walden Theatre's main-stage season of plays features actors enrolled in our Conservatory Program. For enrollment information for youth ages 8-18, please visit the Programs/Classes page of the website.
All productions at Walden Theatre
1123 Payne Street, Louisville 40204
unless otherwise noted below.
2014-2015 SEASON Performances

Plays, dates, and venues are subject to change.

September 18-27
by Mary Chase, directed by Hallie Dizdarevic

The affable but eccentric Elwood P. Dowd is complicating his
sister Veta's social ambitions by fraternizing with an invisible,
mischievous, six foot tall rabbit. A trip to the psychiatrist goes
sideways in this beloved, brisk, and sly comedy.

October 9-18
Three Sisters
by Anton Chekhov, adapted by Craig Lucas
directed by Charlie Sexton

Three women in a provincial Russian town strive for personal
& professional satisfaction but find life's joys more fleeting
and remote than they expected in this heartfelt classic about
dictated circumstances and frustrated dreams.

November 13-23 | Slant Culture Series
Jane the Plain
by August Schulenburg, directed by Alec Volz

She's no outcast, just plain. That is, before
an explicit selfie ruins her rep and before a cosmic encounter
remakes her into a beauty. Now Jane is at the pinnacle of
popularity, but can she & her friendships withstand the
adoration -- and the jealous sabotage?

November 13-23 | Young Company Production
The Snow Queen
by Stanton Wood, based on the Hans Christian Andersen story
directed by Neill Robertson

A lively, contemporary, world-spanning adaptation of the
beloved classic tale of love, friendship, and determination
that stays true to the spirit of the original while incorporating
flavors from samba, rap, and hip hop.

December 2014 | Staff Showcase
Uncle Vanya
by Anton Chekhov, adapted by David Mamet, directed by Hal Park

Since his sister's death, Vanya has maintained & improved her
estate. But the return of her widower with his young second
wife threatens to undermine Vanya's work -- and the family's
future -- in this drama about lives at risk of going to waste.

January 22-31 | Yum! Family Series Cornerstone Classic
Romeo & Juliet
by William Shakespeare, directed by Julane Havens

The unforgettable classic about star-crossed
young lovers and their allies caught between powerful feuding
families as new and ancient grudges threaten banishment,
retribution, and bloodshed in fair Verona.

February 12-14
Young Playwrights Festival
by Walden Theatre student playwrights, various directors

A fully-produced festival of short plays created and developed
in Walden Theatre's playwriting workshop, celebrating the
talents of student playwrights, actors, and directors.

February 20-21
Connecting Cultures
by the Connecting Company ensemble, directed by Melinda Crecelius

An original work of devised theatre revealing the challenges,
successes, and commonalities among diverse groups of
young people, based exclusively on the personal narratives &
correspondence of teens at The Academy @ Shawnee and the
ESL Newcomer Academy.

February 26-March 7
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui
by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Alec Volz

A wannabe hoodlum with something to prove sets out to
dominate the cauliflower market in gangster-era Chicago in
this satirical allegory of Adolf Hitler's rise to power --
featuring a raucous new musical score.

May 7-17 | Young American Shakespeare Festival 2015
Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2
by William Shakespeare, directed by Julane Havens
featuring Charlie Sexton as Falstaff

Amid uncertain alliances, troubled borders, and a dissolute
son with ne'er-do-well comrades -- including the entertaining,
vain, & cowardly Falstaff -- Henry's rule teeters on a precipice.
But as battles rage and new enemies emerge, Prince Hal rises
to the occasion, proving himself worthy in word and deed
of the crown. But in the course of the plays, can this scion
reconcile his wine-sop lifestyle with the mantle of leadership?

The Beaux' Stratagem
by George Farquhar, directed by Hallie Dizdarevic

Two broke libertines from London venture to the English
countryside in search of a rich wife -- for one of them at least --
but find themselves entangled with an unhappily married lady
and a band of scheming brigands intent to steal her fortune.


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