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2013-2014 SEASON
Our Season
Walden Theatre's main-stage season of plays features actors enrolled in our Conservatory Program. For enrollment information for youth ages 8-18, please visit the Programs/Classes page of the website.
All productions at Walden Theatre
1123 Payne Street, Louisville 40204
unless otherwise noted below.
2013-2014 SEASON Performances
Plays, dates, and venues are subject to change.

  • Summer and Smoke

    by Tennessee Williams
    directed by Charlie Sexton
    September 19 - 28

    The bond between Alma and Dr. Buchanan has long withstood their incompatible attitudes about life and satisfaction. But as the doctor plans to marry another woman, Alma arrives at a desperate, tragic crossroads.

  • Six Characters in Search of an Author

    adapted by Steve Moulds from the play by Luigi Pirandello
    directed by Hallie Dizdarevic
    October 10 - 19

    Six metafictional characters, left unfinished by a dis-interested creator, crash a rehearsal in pursuit of an author who will finish their tragedy. Lines between stage, page, and reality are blurred in this fresh adaptation.

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

    by Joseph Robinette, adapted from the novel by C.S. Lewis
    directed by Melinda Crecelius
    Oct. 30, 31, Nov. 1

    Four children stumble into an enchanted land frozen under the sorcery of a witch queen. With help from the returned lion king Aslan and many new friends, the children seek to reclaim the land from icy tyranny.

    In the Pony Palace / Football

    by Tina Satter
    directed by Alec Volz
    November 14 - 24

    High school football culture goes lateral in this clever subversion of the gridiron that features peppy cheerleaders, a coarse coach, a mascot suffering identity crisis, dynamic heroes on the Owls football team, and an all-female cast.


    Studio Group B -
    Monday Dec 9 @ 5:30pm

    Studio Group A -
    Wednesday Dec 11 @ 5:30pm

    Apprentice Group B -
    Tuesday Dec 10 @ 5:30pm

    Apprentice Group A -
    Thursday Dec 12 @ 5:30pm

    Improv: Showcase -
    Dec 14 from 10-11am

    Imagination Showcases:
    Saturday Group Dec 14 at 10:30am
    Monday Group Dec 16 at 5:30pm

    Jane Eyre

    by Christina Calvit, adapted from the novel by Charlotte Bronte
    directed by Alec Volz
    NEW DATES: January 23 - February 1

    A young governess rises from an unforgiving childhood to find stability and love at the unsettling manor Thornfield. But a terrible revelation burns it all away, forcing her to salvage her life and expectations from the ashes.

  • Young Playwrights Festival 2013

    Various Directors
    February 6 - 8
  • A fully-produced Festival of short plays celebrating the talents of Walden Theatre's student playwrights.

  • The Country of the Blind

    by Frank Higgins, adapted from the story by H.G. Wells
    directed by Julane Havens
    February 27 - March 8

    A poor, one-eyed farmer stumbles into a land where no one can see, and an opportunity to be its privileged ruler. Can he convince the people to share his vision, or will his lust for power -- and a beautiful woman -- blind his reasoning and jeopardize his future?

  • Connecting Cultures

    -Devised by Walden Theatre studentsn collaboration with students at The Academy @ Shawnee and the Newcomer Academy
    -Directed by Melinda Crecelius and Hallie Dizdarevic

    April 5 @ 4:00 at the Kentucky Center's Bomhard Theatre (this performance includes Connecting Cultures, Connecting Kentucky, and music by Land of Lincoln bluegrass band)
    April 11 @ 730 at Walden Theatre
    UPDATE: April 12 performance canceled due to Thunder Over Louisville

    Based on the original narratives of students at Shawnee and Newcomer, the Walden Theatre Connecting Cultures ensemble performes a moving production that breaks down cultural barriers and explores the narratives, stereotypes, and personal histories that shape the lives of young people everywhere–regardless of origins or expectations.

  • Connecting Kentucky

    -Devised by Walden Theatre students in collaboration with young people in Auxier, Ky.
    -Directed by Melinda Crecelius and Julane Havens
    April 3 @ 7:00 at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Ky.
    April 5 @ 4:00 at the Kentucky Center's Bomhard Theatre in Louisville (this performance includes Connecting Kentucky, Connecting Cultures, and music by Land of Lincoln bluegrass band)

    Teens from the town of Auxier, Ky. and surrounding communities collaborated with students from the Walden Theatre Conservatory to create this special production that identifies and explores stereotypes, builds respect for difference and dialogue, and expands the understanding of theatre through movement, improvisation, and storytelling.

  • Studio Showcases -- April 23 & 25 @ 5:30pm (full class performs both shows)
  • Apprentice Showcase -- April 22 & 24 @ 5:30 (half the class performs each show)

  • Young American Shakespeare Festival

    May 8 - 18
    • As You Like It
      by William Shakespeare
      directed by Charlie Sexton
      • May 10 2:00
      • May 11 2:00
      • May 16 7:30
      • May 17 7:30
      • May 18 7:30
      The plucky Rosalind, her friend Celia, and their jester run off to an Arcadian wilderness full of exiles, lovelorn princes, and dullards. Love, disguise, and mischief carry the day even as the usurper Duke marches in pursuit.

    • Richard II
      by William Shakespeare
      directed by J. Barrett Cooper
      • May 8 7:30
      • May 10 7:30
      • May 12 7:30
      • May 15 7:30
      • May 17 2:00
      Returning from war in Ireland, the overconfident king discovers an opportunistic rival has raised an army to reclaim a wrongly-seized inheritance. Can Richard's rule--and his very life--survive the disgrace of an unchecked challenge to his God-given authority?

    • Pericles, Prince of Tyre
      by William Shakespeare
      directed by Julane Havens
      • May 9 7:30
      • May 11 7:30
      • May 13 7:30
      • May 14 7:30
      • May 18 2:00
      A Greek prince fleeing an evil king sails the seas in this tale of triumphant rescues, beautiful maidens, and great personal tragedy. Will determination, wit, and divine intervention see the prince's family restored to him?

      *Pericles will also be performed in the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival in Central Park on August 6, 8, and 10 @ 8pm.

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