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Season Fun Facts
Season Fun Facts
Season Fun Facts

Fact: Walden Theatre is more than just learning about theater.

Fun: Students perform plays ranging from comedy to the classics.

Season Fun Facts

Fun Fact 1

Walden Theatre is unique as we regularly use the young actors in our Conservatory Program as the acting company for our season of productions.


Fun Fact 2

At Walden Theatre, we are committed to high standards of student performance.

Students are able to:
  • Test their abilities
  • Achieve artistically and
  • Develop an understanding, appreciation and love of dramatic literature

Fun Fact 3

In addition to acting, students are involved in technical theatre:
  • Stage management
  • Sound
  • Lights
  • Costume and
  • Wardrobe

Fun Fact 4

Each season includes:
  • A contemporary classic
  • Shakespeare plays
  • The Young Playwrights Festival
  • A work with music and
  • A period piece

Fun Fact 5

Recent seasons have included works by:
  • Arthur Miller
  • William Saroyan
  • Sophocles
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Noel Coward
  • David Lindsey Abaire
  • Naomi Iizuka
  • Moliere
  • Shakespeare (of course!)
Conservatory Program

Our theatre training program allows students to progress at their own rate through a demanding four-level curriculum:

  • Improvisation
  • Studio
  • Apprentice
  • Performance

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