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Touring Productions and Student Matinées

Touring productions can be paired with a related workshop or residency to deepen your students’ viewing experience and understanding of the material. Student Matinées are an opportunity for your classroom to see a main stage production live at Walden Theatre or the Brown Theatre (or alternative venues) featuring accomplished teen actors.

Touring shows perform at your preferred location. Student Matinées take place at our facility at 1123 Payne St. and may be paired with pre- & post-show workshops.

Celebrate Black History is performed by a professional actor. All other Student Matinées are performed by talented young actors from the Walden Theatre Conservatory.

Student Matinées

Tartuffe — by Molière

SEP 2016:  Grades 6-12  |  $7/student

One of history’s great comedic dramatists, Molière was adept at animating social hypocrisy while eliciting both laughter & condemnation. Here, the seemingly pious Tartuffe comes to the house of a wealthy nobleman and his mother, both of whom are blinded by his façade. But the rest of the family soon suspects the fraud and uncovers Tartuffe’s con. Translated by Richard Wilbur

Pinocchio — by Carlo Collodi

NOV 2016:  Grades 2-6  |  $7/student

Enacted by a commedia dell’arte troupe & set to music, this beloved classic brings to life the mischievous wooden creature Pinocchio. On his adventure through the world, Pinocchio encounters double-crosses, an evil coachman, and a ravenous dogfish. But for every treachery, Pinocchio gains help and wisdom from those who care for him. Adapted by Moses Goldberg

Cyrano de Bergerac — by Edmond Rostand

FEB 2016:  Grades 6-12  |  $7/student

Though burdened by a famously large nose, Cyrano is gifted at both swordplay & wordplay. But when he’s enlisted by both his comrade Christian and his muse Roxanne in their courtship, he finds his loyalty & confidence tested. This classic “heroic comedy” and bittersweet love story reveals the risks & rewards of even a well-intentioned deception. Adapted by Anthony Burgess

Celebrate Black History

Feb 2016:  Grades 4-8  |  $7/student

This interactive program blends discussion & performance—transporting audiences to the Civil Rights Era’s key moments. From Little Rock to Montgomery and Martin Luther King Jr. to a Tuskegee Airman, students encounter history as it happened. Following the matinée, Teaching Artists continue the experience with a workshop that deepens understanding while linking history to current events. Written by Keith McGill.

Touring Productions

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

OCT-NOV 2015:  Grades PreK-6  |  no student limit  |  $1600

This rollicking adaptation by Geraldine Ann Snyder recounts Aesop’s fable of a youth given the important task of guarding the village flock of sheep. Instead of taking the job seriously, he plays a trick on the village. Filled with memorable characters and newly-arranged songs performed live, this production teaches an important lesson about honesty & responsibility. Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, Ill.

StoryTime Theatre: SkyHigh Tales

DEC 2016 – MAR 2017  |  Grades PreK-5  |  250 students  |  $500

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Our newest touring play will be tons of fun as students enjoy the outrageous claims of folk heroes and accompany them on their raucous adventures. This 45-minute educational performance includes discussion with audiences to ensure comprehension of the literary genre of tall tales and its generous use of hyperbole. Featuring props, costumes, and set pieces hand-made from familiar objects – showing kids that resourcefulness is a gateway to creative expression.

Nation in Crisis

Jan-mar 2017:  Grades 4-8  |  250 students  |  $500

This interactive, one-hour production blends discussion and performance – transporting students to key moments and events from the Civil Rights Era. From Little Rock to Montgomery and from Martin Luther King, Jr. to a Tuskegee Airman, students encounter history as it was happening in those challenging times. And the teaching artist guides students as they respond to the voices and scenes they witness.

StoryTime Theatre: Fables

APRIL-MAY 2017:  Grades PreK-5  |  250 students  |  $500

A lively take on the genre of Fables featuring stories from near and far. More details will be available soon on our website.

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